Restaurant Ghent Graslei De witte leeuw

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English menu Restaurant De witte leeuw Ghent

Cheese croquettes
Shrimp croquettes
Duo cheese and shrimp croquettes
Smoked ham and melon
Carpaccio of beef and fresh parmesan cheese
Smoked salmon with onion and toast
Tomato with shrimp
Minced raw and smoked salmon with dill dressing

Mixed salad
Niçoise salad
Mozzarella salad
Bacon salad
Goat's cheese salad
Exotic salad
Shrimp salad
Pasta salad
Liege salad
Fried chicken salad
Scampi salad
Calamari salad

Fish dishes
Scampi pesto
Scampi curry
Scampi 'De Witte Leeuw'
Trio scampi
Salmon filet, béarnaise sauce, pommes duchesses
Fried sole
Cod fillet on a bed of leek

Meat dishes
Homemade minced steak
Rump steak with fresh French fries
Fillet of beef with fresh French fries
Giant brochette of pork and beef
Grilled prime rib with French fries
T-bone steak with hot vegetables and French fries
Rack of lamb with tarragon sauce and potatoes au gratin
Ham with mustard sauce and jacked potato
Hungarian goulash with French fries
Half a chicken, garnish and French fries

Mixed grill with garnish, sauce and French fries
Spareribs with acacia honey and jacked potato
Ghent's 'waterzooi' with chicken (method of preparation)
Ghent's beef stew with French fries (method of preparation)
Chicory in a jacket of ham, cheese sauce and mashed potatoes

Fresh soup of the day with bread
Toasted ham and cheese sandwich
Toasted ham and cheese sandwich with Bolognese sauce
Toasted ham and cheese sandwich 'Special'
Toasted ham and cheese sandwich with eggs sunny side up
Toasted ham and cheese with mushrooms
Minced steak with French fries
Stir-fried scampi
Stir-fried chicken

Spaghetti De Witte Leeuw
Macaroni with ham and cheese
Tagliatelle with smoked salmon
Tagliatelle with chicken
Tagliatelle with scampi

Vegetarian dishes
Tagliatelle al pesto
Rosettes of ricotta cheese and spinach
Stir-fried vegetables

Children's menu
Small macaroni
Small spaghetti
Chicken fillet with applesauce
Meatball with French fries
Small sundae

Cake and desserts

Homemade chocolate mousse
Cake of the day with coffee
Crème brûlée
Hot apple pie
Hot apple pie with ice cream and whipped cream

Waffle with sugar and butter
Waffle with jam and butter
Waffle with whipped cream
Waffle with ice cream and whipped cream
Waffle with hot black cherries
Waffle Mikado

Pancake with sugar and butter
Pancake with jam and butter
Pancake with whipped cream
Pancake with ice cream and whipped cream
Pancake Mikado
Pancake with apricot compote
Pancake with hot black cherries

Vanilla sundae
'Dame blanche' sundae
Mocha sundae
'Brésilienne' sundae (ice cream with roasted hazelnuts)
Strawberry sundae (seasonal)
'De Witte leeuw' sundae
Banana split sundae
Advocaat sundae


The kitchen is open continually

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