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Group menus Restaurant De Witte Leeuw Ghent

The great hall at our upper floor is perfectly suited for groups visiting Ghent, who want to enjoy our group menus.

Menu 1
Soup or cheese croquettes
Ghent-style stoverij (beef stew in beer sauce)
vol-au-vent with garniture of vegetables and French fries
Ghent-style waterzooi
Dame blance

Menu 2
Duo of smoked salmon and halibut with isignicreme and salmon caviar
Packet of lukewarm Breydelham with melon
Gratin of scampi's with vegetables and shrimps
Chef's soup
Medallions of turkey with Grand Marnier sause, filled peaches and croquettes
Poached Greenlandic halibut with saffron sauce and pearl unions,
vegetables and potatoes duchesse
Chateaubriand 'Fine Champagne' with garniture of vegetables and croquettes
Coffee and snacks

Menu 3
Aperitif of the house and starter
Quiche royale with smoked salmon
Smoked ham with exotic fruit
Duck breast with garniture of hot fruit and croquettes
Chocolate mousse and coffee

Menu 4
Duo of smoked salmon and halibut
Victoria Perch with a white wine sauce and puree of pesto
Homemade chocolate mousse or coffee

Menu 5
Homemade scampi's (5 pieces)
Cordon blue of salmon with spinach and potatoes duchesse
Dame blanche or coffee

Menu 6
Carpaccio of beef
Pork tenderlion with roasted chicory and filled potatoes
Tiramisu or coffee

Menu 7
Duo of cheese and shrimp croquettes
Hungarian goulash with croquettes and garniture of gegetables
Merveilleux or coffee

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